Confirmation is a part of this vision for the church, as it helps us to create disciples of Jesus Christ. We use a dedicated team of parents, church members, and staff to teach the class.

What is Confirmation?

Confirmation is a time set aside by the church to teach and nurture boys and girls in the basics of the Christian faith and our understanding of that faith as United Methodists. The purpose is to prepare these young people to be able to decide for themselves if they are ready to make a personal commitment to God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit as well as to the church.

If the person has already been baptized, he or she has the opportunity to formally and publicly accept their baptism, professing Jesus as their Lord and Savior. If they have not been baptized then they will be baptized before being confirmed.

When a youth has been baptized and confirmed, he or she will be a full member of the United Methodist Church.

Who may attend Confirmation?

Confirmation at FUMC is geared towards 6th graders, but anyone in 6th-8th grade who has not been confirmed is encouraged to participate.

What do we use to teach Confirmation?

First and foremost, we teach using the Bible as our primary source. In addition to the Scriptures, though, we use a called Credo to help guide our study. Over the course of 18 sessions, this curriculum is designed to help 6th-8th graders:

  • Know your Story: Encounter the faith narrative from creation to Christianity.

  • Confirm your Faith: Embrace the essential beliefs and practices of the United Methodist Church.

  • Live your Commitment: Embody the confirmation vows and embark on the Christian discipleship journey.

Where does Confirmation take place?

Confirmation takes place on the 3rd floor of the Education Wing at FUMC in the stage area.

When does Confirmation meet?

Confirmation meets each Sunday from 9:15-10:15am during the Sunday School hour, allowing time for Confirmands and their families to attend worship at either 8:30am or 10:45am.  Classes begin on the third Sunday of September on Kickoff Sunday and end with Confirmation Sunday which is the fourth Sunday in November.

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