We love kids at HVUMC!  Find out how to become part of what Jesus is doing in our youngest church members.

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Sunday Morning Details

Children's Sunday School

Our children ages 0-5th grade are split into classrooms by grade as follows:


 • Nursery

 • Two-year old class

 • Preschool class

 • Kindergarten - 2nd Grade class

 • 3rd - 5th Grade class 

Upon check-in, parents or caregivers will receive a magnetic key card which will grant access to the Children's Department. Secure doors are locked after Sunday School check-in and can only be accessed from the inside by a staff member or by using an access card. One card will be issued per family.


Cards may be returned when children are retrieved from their Sunday school classrooms at 10:40, if they do not plan to attend Children's Church during the 10:50 worship service. If children will attend Children's Church (11:15-noon), cards may be returned to the teachers on duty during pick-up.




Our two year olds are currently learning from the Spark Sunday School curriculum.This curriculum follows the lectionary, and gives us an opportunity to teach the entire Bible to our children, not just the New Testament.

Children in grades Preschool through 5th grade study the Spark House Whirl curriculum. These exciting leaflets, lessons and videos offer children a fun approach to understanding the Bible stories. This material also follows the lectionary, so the children are learning the same message in Sunday school that they are hearing in the sermon. 

Children's Church

Upon departure from the sanctuary, following the Children's moments, our children ages preschool to 1st grade will travel back to the chapel in the Children's Education building. 


In children's church we sing, learn our monthly scripture verse, discuss our monthly mission effort, take up our offering, sing our Doxology, take prayer requests and sing a benediction. This is a special time for small children to learn some of the method and tradition they will experience in big church in a few short years. These worship moments are patterned around the seasons of the traditional Christian calendar, (Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter and Pentecost), and include lessons about church symbols, colors, rituals and their meanings.